FoodStore offers retail partners an opportunity to operate an independent store under a brand name with broad appeal.

The FoodStore brand is flexible, allowing retailers to use it as-is or tailor it to include specialty attributes or preferences. As an independent store owner, you'll have the freedom to set your own prices and promotions and adjust your product mix to suit your local market. However, you'll also benefit from the backing of a support office and the economies of scale that come with being part of a larger organisation. If you're looking for an opportunity to enter the grocery business, FoodStore is worth exploring.

AUR is a retailer-led and store-driven support office.


LaManna joined AUR as its own branded, un-bannered member in 2016. Before joining AUR, we had found navigating our decision-making in terms of promotional planning and supply chain challenging at times, as we received little support, but that changed as soon as we signed up with AUR.

LaManna and AUR have continued our great relationship. We especially appreciate the operations support provided by the AUR team.

In business, relationships are everything. We have built strong relationships with the AUR team, which has made our transition easier because of the faith, trust, and understanding developed between our businesses.

Having access to a State Manager, throughout our working relationship and not just for the transition period, but still to date, has only strengthened the overall AUR association. I have especially appreciated the support extended to me during the difficult COVID period. The AUR Operations team has gone over and above in their role, to create a connection with our business and this proves just how important it is to have great people in your corner to help you achieve great things.

AUR genuinely operates for the benefit of its members. AUR will work with you to ensure you have both support and trust to ensure a mutually beneficial business relationship, that just isn’t found with other providers.

Patrick LaManna
— LaManna
Patrick LaManna

“Your independence is our point of difference”

AUR Support Office

Level 9, South Wharf Tower
30 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf, Victoria 3006

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