About AUR
About AUR

We are run by retailers, for retailers

When you invest in a branded FoodWorks store, you also become a shareholder of our company. AUR’s support extends across shareholders (FoodWorks branded stores) as well as Own Brands and Associate Stores.

Annual conference

All eligible FoodWorks bannered retailers receive one free ticket per store (including flights and accommodation). This annual conference is a pinnacle AUR event for our members where both internal AUR and external keynote speakers provide valuable business insight and networking opportunities, and the Retailer of the Year Gala event is hosted.

Study tours

An international study tour is a fun and interactive educational experience. Study Tours are by invitation only with no set frequency. Study Tours provide immersive, interactive learning opportunities by exploring international retailers and supply partners and offer the ability to review global industry trends.

State meetings

The senior leadership team bi-annually host state and regional district meetings in person or remotely. These state meetings are an opportunity for the AUR leaders to present a business and strategy update to groups of retailers.

State Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC is an elected committee, which all members can nominate to join. The SAC members represent their respective states and have a direct influence on the retail strategy for AUR. These meetings are held between 2-3 times a year.


Are you an expert in a particular field or just have an interest in sub-sets of the grocery industry? AUR has various sub-committees you can lend your skill set to. All committee members have a direct impact on key business decisions for both AUR and the FoodWorks brand. Talk to your Retail Development Partner to review committee availabilities.


One of the most important components of support we get from the AUR team is the encouragement and backing to cater to our local customers.

AUR helps us to be both competitive and unique. They offer us the retail support to help us gain the right experience where we require it.

AUR supports The Happy Apple with great resources such as a promotional calendar, marketing collateral, store support, and much more, yet are equally flexible to allow us to pursue unique ranges and be an un-bannered own brand store.

The success of our business is underpinned by being a part of the AUR family and all it offers.

Hamish Gadsby
— The Happy Apple
Hamish Gadsby

“Your independence is our point of difference”

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