About AUR

Who is AUR?

Australian United Retailers Ltd. (AUR) is a support office for independently owned Supermarkets, Convenience and Liquor retailers. We trade under well known retail brands such as FoodWorks, Farmer Jack’s, Foodstore, LiquorWorks, as well as supporting many other retail brands owned and operated by our retailer associates.

Our AUR Board is made up of independent retailers and highly qualified retail industry experts, whose prime focus is on strengthening our Retailers’ growth and sustainability.

We are passionate about providing independent retailers with the right tools to compete. AUR has over 23 years in the industry and over 500 grocery stores. AUR is creating a stronger future for independent grocery stores in Australia. As retailers ourselves, we understand the pride and devotion associated with owning your own business and we are here to empower you with the tools you need to run the most profitable business you can.

AUR will champion and support what is unique about your business, we understand that no two independent stores are the same and we create bespoke solutions that will meet your store’s particular needs.

Our goal is to simplify running independent Supermarkets, Convenience and Liquor stores, so our members can focus on delivering outstanding service to their customers.

  • Equipping stores for success, with innovative solutions to ensure you are working smarter not harder.
  • Offering both range and price structures to suit your business, not a warehouse.
  • Increasing store profitability through margin improvements and reducing the cost of business.
  • Creating winning partnerships and connections with large-scale suppliers, through to the smaller direct supply partners in your local community.
  • Providing member benefits and operational support services to make your every day easier.
  • Our members’ success is our success. AUR was created by independent retailers to help you compete and remain profitable, so you can focus on operating a trusted local business in your community.
Flexible solutions to support your independence

We have a range of membership options to match the level of
support services you require for your business.


A truly independent brand offer run by retailers for retailers. None of our FoodWorks businesses are completely alike. FoodWorks is not a cookie-cutter model and that’s how we like it.

The FoodWorks vision is simple, a grocery store that is profitable and sustainable servicing its local community. We have a whole support office to work with you to make your business the best it can be. 

A completely supported model, that gives you more time to focus on your community. The FoodWorks retail model offers support for the following formats:


Large format grocery, including stores trading head-to-head with chain supermarkets.

Local & Medium

This grocery format is traditionally aimed at smaller basket top-ups and secondary shops, rather than delivering a full pantry strategy.


This format is a convenience offer suited to a ‘grab and go’ retail strategy option.

FoodWorks Liquor

AUR also offers a full liquor promotional program and is available to support members who retail liquor. This opportunity can be bolted on to any Supermarket, Local or Express format.


A specialist, independent, and freestanding liquor opportunity. LiquorWorks includes a comprehensive promotional program to support your retail offer. Suitable to all-size liquor traders. 

Associate Stores

Supporting independent supermarkets, grocery outlets and convenience stores by providing group buying opportunities and a strong promotional program. Take advantage of our collective buying power that allows your store as much flexibility as possible to dominate in your local market. 

Own Brands 

Supporting ‘Own Branded’ members who choose to run their own banner representing their own values. We offer a bespoke suite of promotions and services tailored to meet your retailing requirements.


One of the most important components of support we get from the AUR team is the encouragement and backing to cater to our local customers.

AUR helps us to be both competitive and unique. They offer us the retail support to help us gain the right experience where we require it.

AUR supports The Happy Apple with great resources such as a promotional calendar, marketing collateral, store support, and much more, yet are equally flexible to allow us to pursue unique ranges and be an un-bannered own brand store.

The success of our business is underpinned by being a part of the AUR family and all it offers.

Hamish Gadsby
Hamish Gadsby

“Your independence is our point of difference”

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