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Alive & Cooking's Mixed Nut Brownies

Everyone loves a slice of warm Chocolate Brownies for dessert! Serve with French Vanilla Ice-cream on the side.

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Alive & Cooking's Ice Cream Cookies

Simple and easy for the kids to create themselves. Ice-cream cookies will get anyone smiling!

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Alive & Cooking's Upside Down Texas Caviar

A flavoursome texan dish! Add chilli for those who love a bit of spice!

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Alive & Cooking's Gratinee Potatoes

An exciting way of serving potatoes, and a great compliment to a steak, or roast dinner.

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Alive & Cooking's Mini Chicken & Mushroom Parcels

The perfect comforting snack when at home, amongst friends and family, during the colder months.

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Alive & Cooking's Cheddar & Leek Meatballs with Spaghetti

A traditional recipe the whole family will love - with a small twist! Get the kids involved in the kitchen by creating the meatballs for dinner.

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Alive & Cooking's Bread & Butter Pudding

A traditional english recipe which is a favourite during the cooler months!

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Alive & Cooking's Mixed Lolly Rocky Road

Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with this easy to make Rocky Road recipe!