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Alive & Cooking's Tuna Frittata

A versatile Italian dish! Serve it hot for dinner, or cool it and serve it for lunch the following day.

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Alive & Cooking's Peach Crumble

Old fashioned and easy to make - this dessert tastes great with a scoop or two of French vanilla ice-cream.

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Alive & Cooking's Maple Toasted Granola

Start your day off on the healthy foot, with this tasty breakfast recipe.

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Alive & Cooking's Canadian French Toast

There's nothing like waking up the smell of a yummy breakfast making it's way through the house. This recipe will do just that!

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Alive & Cooking's 30 Second Roast Chicken

Prepare a delicious roast dinner in no time, so you can spend more time with the loved ones!

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Alive & Cooking's Vegetable Curry Puffs

Curry puffs are a great addition when you're entertaining a crowd and want to provide an international finger food dish!

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Alive & Cooking's Magic Herb Pizzette

If you're entertaining a crowd, these mini treats will be a hit amongst all! Ready in only 15 minutes, include as many ingredients as you like.

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Alive & Cooking's Choc-a-Nut Cupcakes

a simple creation which is a hit at children's parties, morning tea time, and in school lunches!